Mission Statement

UNIVERSITY Parking Enforcement is committed to working directly and in harmony with the Utah police departments, city attorneys, and city councils to promote and maintain private property owner rights. UPE complies with all city and state regulations and advocate for ethical business practices.

UPE is committed to providing our clients with state of the art parking enforcement. Employees will be clean-cut, professional, and embody integrity. Our professionalism will reflect positively on our client's properties and businesses.

UPE is committed to treating our customers (those persons found in violation) with courtesy and respect. UPE is committed to our professional administrative review process for customer complaints. The parking enforcement process will be safe, ethical, and provide a quick and efficient means for customer release.

University Parking Enforcement's new tow trucks boast state of the art towing technology and provide properties with pride in their parking enforcement service. UPE's offices and impound yards are constantly praised as clean, friendly, secure locations and provide a safe environment for vehicle recovery. Every handpicked member of the company subscribes to a company honor and dress code and has donated their own personal talents and abilities.

University Parking Enforcement has grown to be Utah's largest and most respected parking enforcement company. The company's mission remains to provide the high level of integrity and service that it has worked so hard to create. Integrity, ingenuity, reliability, customer service, safety, and detail have been constant company objectives. University Parking Enforcement looks forward to the future providing quality parking services for years to come!

Our History

University Parking Enforcement (UPE) was started in May 2001 as a small booting company. The main goal was to convert as many properties as possible from towing to booting as a form of parking enforcement. This would save patrons money as well as provide University Parking Enforcement with a unique business niche. UPE was successful in its efforts to reform the current parking enforcement industry. Over 100 properties were converted from towing to booting in the first few years of business.
January 2004, University Parking Enforcement was forced to enter the towing market in order to remain competitive. Valet Towing & Recovery LLC was founded as a sister company and the towing division of UPE. UPE and Valet Towing could now conform to all city and state towing ordinances regarding red zones and handicap stalls. Clients would now be able to choose the type of service their property required. Valet Towing & Recovery was closed in 2006 and towing was integrated as part of University Parking Enforcement.
September 2007, University Parking Enforcement initiated night patrol booting fleet vehicles. All of the new, well marked vehicles stand as a shining example of UPE's willingness to progress, improve, and professionally represent the properties they serve. Constant improvement and dedication to its clientele makes University Parking Enforcement a company that stands above its competitors.





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