Locked out??

University Parking Enforcement provides a complimentary, professional vehicle lock out service to the residents and customers of all UPE properties.  If you are an authorized resident or customer of a property signed by UPE, and your vehicle needs unlocked on the property, call us 24 hours per day.



Many customers are curious about the towing process and how a safe tow is conducted.  This video demonstrates University Parking Enforcement’s towing process.

University Parking Enforcement’s new tow trucks boast state of the art towing technology and provide properties with pride in their parking enforcement service. UPE’s offices and impound yards are constantly praised as clean, friendly, secure locations and provide a safe environment for vehicle recovery. Every handpicked member of the company subscribes to a company honor and dress code and has donated their own personal talents and abilities.



University is now offering a Customer Bill of Rights, making all of the laws and ordinances pertinent to towing readily available to customers. This was a suggestion given by Mayor John Curtis and Representative Keven Stratton.



UPE President met with Mayor Curtis and Deputy Mayor Norman regarding towing practices in Provo City today.  Progress is being made to positively influence the towing industry resulting in a better experience for patrons.  UPE is dedicated to this process and is instituting a customer “Bill of Rights” to inform customers of their legal rights concerning non-consent towing laws.

mayor curtis


University Parking Enforcement (UPE) is a full service parking enforcement institution. We provide individualized parking services to meet the ever-changing needs of our growing clientele. We offer professional towing and booting as parking enforcement options.

Each parking enforcement action that is performed by UPE is fully documented with HD Video. Our parking officers record the violation along with documenting any physical damage to the vehicle. This evidence serves the property owner and University Parking if and when a court situation arises.

*This evidence footage is available to law enforcement and the property owner or agent only. If you are a property owner or law enforcement officer and wish to view footage of a specific vehicle, contact us at 801.377.8200. A video similar to this sample video will be emailed to you as a link, password protected, for your convenience.


University Parking Enforcement is a certified Utah State Impound Yard.
The Utah State Tax Commission will be auctioning 2 vehicles today here at UPE starting at 11:45am.

1996 Ford Ranger (DUI)
1994 Nissan Sentra (no insurance/no registration)

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Vehicles may be purchased at the UPE corporate offices @ 1649 Riverside Ave in PROVO



UNIVERSITY Parking Enforcement is committed to working directly and in harmony with the Utah police departments, city attorneys, and city councils to promote and maintain private property owner rights. UPE complies with all city and state regulations and advocate for ethical business practices.

UPE is committed to providing our clients with state of the art parking enforcement. Employees will be clean-cut, professional, and embody integrity. Our professionalism will reflect positively on our client’s properties and businesses.

UPE is committed to treating our customers (those persons found in violation) with courtesy and respect. UPE is committed to our professional administrative review process for customer complaints. The parking enforcement process will be safe, ethical, and provide a quick and efficient means for customer release.